Does Zenler handle EU VAT ?

What is European Union value added tax? Does Zenler handle EU VAT ?
Yes, Zenler handle EU VAT. As per the current European Union VAT rules, students would have to pay VAT in any EU buyer’s country, at that country’s VAT rate, even if you (instructor) aren’t in the EU. Zenler takes care of collecting, reporting and paying EU VAT on behalf of instructors to UK MOSS so that instructors do not need to worry about this.

Can I choose to make VAT inclusive or exclusive ?
You can either opt to apply EU VAT over the course price or include the EU VAT in the course price.

Do you charge VAT to customers outside the EU ?
No, we will only charge VAT if we detect that your customer is based in an EU country. Otherwise, no VAT will be added to the transaction.

Does it affect U.S. sellers ?
Yes, the new EU VAT rules on the supply of digital services affect all sellers (EU and non-EU). As soon as your digital content is available to the world, you need to be EU VAT compliant.